About Us

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Until June 2015 The Amber Centre was based in the heart of West End, London’s most popular shopping district. Our shop’s position among charming cafés and other unique boutiques in the pedestrianised street of St. Christopher’s Place provided our visitors with a truly unforgettable shopping experience.

Now we offer the widest possible range of amber jewellery and collectables at The Amber Centre online store. We carry London’s largest selection of Baltic amber jewellery in silver and in gold, but we also stock an exceptional collection of Mexican and Dominican amber, intricate carvings, and rare pieces holding insects, certified by London’s Natural History Museum.

There is something for everyone and for every occasion at The Amber Centre. Colours include the traditional cognac, green, cherry, yellow, opaque white, clear, and many colours in between. Our designs range from our regular, best selling lines to designer lines with daring, one-of-a-kind pieces. Every item is specially selected to give you a piece of amber with true beauty and individuality. Our hallmarked metal settings include Sterling silver, 9 ct gold, 14 ct gold, and 18 ct gold.

Besides amber we also offer a wide selection of other types of jewellery. In our store you can buy unique brands like Trollbeads, Coeur de Lion and Cruciani. There is no doubt everyone will choose something for yourself or a loved one.

Trollbeads is the finest bead-on-bracelet concept that has charmed women all over the world since 1976. Today, eighteen Danish and internationally renowned jewellery designers create the Trollbeads. All of those amazing beads are hand made of the highest quality materials like sterling silver, Italian Murano Glass, natural pearls, 18ct gold and precious stones. Each trollbead has its own little history, which gives you an inspiration to create your personalized bracelet.

Cruciani is an Italian product that we offer in our store. We are proud to say that we were their first authorized stockist in the UK. Their success was after the release of their Four Leaf Clover bracelets designed by Luca Caprai. The crochet bracelets are made of macramé lace produced by Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile and therefore 100% made-in-Italy, being a guarantee of top quality and durability. Our selection includes the famous “four-leaf clover” , the “butterfly”, the “love and luck”, the new “hearts”, “Mars”and several other designs, all in a variety of colours. Fun, clourful and affordable, Cruciani suits all.

Coeur de Lion is a funky and fresh brand of jewellery created to add some colour into your life. Perfect for every occasion, the pieces are designed and made in Germany. Jewellery from Coeur de Lion is made exclusively from high-quality materials, such as Polaris resin, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS®, stainless steel and diamond-cut anodised aluminium, which has a silky sheen and was the very first material they used back in 1987. The famous Geo Cube collection, which first appeared in 1999 with its colourful acrylic glass and striking, contrasting colours is now considered a German design classic that is admired around the world. In our store you can find a big selection of the newest Coeur de Lion designs.

We take pride not only in our products, but in the excellence of our service. If you require any assistance, we are always happy to help and advise you any time you visit our online shop. The Amber Centre is confident you will be fully satisfied.