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This lovely brand, all products made in Italy, has the most pretty & fun pieces. They sell both necklaces & bracelets; all in such vibrant, joyful colours & with really cruciani websitesweet designs. Made in Italy, these crochet bracelets are made of macramé lace produced by Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile. On the right, I have posted a picture of the delicately blue clover cruciani kids bracelet. Described as a symbol of hope, unexpected joy & luck, I love the clover design because it is just so summery. pink neckalce

This vibrant pink liberta necklace has the wonderful description of symbolising freedom. Such a delicate yet bold piece, it comes in a variety of colours, as do all of Cruciani’s bracelets & necklaces. A light piece that subtly adds to an outfit; something that can be enjoyed for both children and parents.


Cruciani website 2

On the right, the rich green love forever turquoise green hearts, is the symbol for love. A precious bracelet, I personally love green as a colour, so I think this bracelet is gorgeous. Too, all the cruciani pieces are just so comfortable and light to wear; a rare feeling for a lot of jewellery! I quite like to layer my bracelets on my wrist, all different colours & styles to create a special and unique effect for me.



Hope you enjoy the CRUCIANI products as much as I do!


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