Genuine Natural Multicoloured Baltic Amber Teething Baby/Child Bracelet A00645

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Sweet Baltic Amber Genuine small bracelet. Hand crafted and and designed especially for children, this piece is not only beautiful to look at, but too has natural healing properties.
Mothers all over the world are increasingly impressed by amber as a teething aid- it is renowned for its natural healing properties and has no side effects. When amber is worn against the skin, naturally-exuded oils (succinate) are released by the wearer’s warmth. These oils have been proven to have a positive effect on the immune system, acting as anti-inflammatory pain-relievers that are especially effective for children experiencing the distressing symptons of teething.
Amber is used not only to help children. Amber has been found to allow the body to rebalance and heal itself, by helping alleviate stress, and has been proven to be therapeutic for people suffering with arthritis, asthma, kidney stones and thyroid problems.
The bracelet has multicoloured, small irregular shaped beads .
These bracelets are not designed for babies to chew on, only to wear against the skin. Each bead has been smoothed to ensure comfort and safety for your child when wearing it.


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