German Butterscotch Baltic Amber Bead Necklace 52.8 grams – A0017- RRP£2950!!!

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Amber is an organic material which contains natural oils, succinic acid and inclusions.

Beautifully selected and uniquely handcrafted antique amber bead necklace.
The antique amber beads are dated from the last century.

  • The butterscotch coloured beads are olive shaped.
  • Ascending in size towards the centre of the necklace making for an elegant shape.
  • Weight: 52.8 grams.
  • Smallest bead size: 26 mm x 17 mm.
  • Largest bead size: 29 mm 20 mm.
  • Italian made 9 ct gold clasp.
  • Length: 48 cm / 19 inch.
  • Re-strung in London UK