The Uniqueness Of The Green


My love for green amber. Click here for Bella’s blog post.

So, lately, I have fallen madly in love with green amber. Green, green, & more green; this very unique and different shade of Baltic Amber is so exquisite. As it isn’t commonly even recognised to be Baltic Amber, it is just so amber ring

This mesmerising green amber piece is just an example of how gorgeous green amber is. I always thought it made the stone look even more antique; making it a quirky, vintage piece. The natural inclusions of golden yellow are also highlighted in the stone simply because of the dark richness of the green. This specific product on the right, the Green Baltic Amber In 925 Silver WR083, certainly is an eye-catching piece of jewellery.

green cufflinks


From rings to cufflinks, these gorgeous rich green cufflinks shown on the left are definetely a unique find.  Set in 925 sterling silver, these italian cufflinks with green baltic amber CF013, would add elegance to a suit.


Amber carvings are also a pretty little feature. I always search for my favourite animal out of all the carvings & I certainly am never green amber fishdisappointed to
find the most intricate & beautiful replications of my favourites. This gorgeous green fish is one of those wonderful pieces. This forest green piece shows a slightly different tone of green to the ring above; it has a much richer & darker green which I adore. Beautiful & sweet; amber’s intricate carvings, in the Carvings In Amber section, are always so wonderful to see.



Hope you enjoy the rich Baltic Amber pieces in store just as much as I do!



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