Trollbeads Products

A unique concept in bespoke jewellery.

A little history about Trollbeads. Since 1967, the original and authentic Danish Trollbeads have developed & grown in their extensive range of high quality, highly individual beads depicting many hundreds of intricate designs. Produced by Lise Aagaard in Copenhagen, their products have won international artistic recognition and have exhibited at Sculpture Objects and FunctiFriendship trollbeadonal Art in Chicago and New York.

Personally, I love how each precious bead has been inspired by its own unique story. From beads inspired by flowers, mythology, astrology & many more, you will certainly find a special bead that suits you for a specific occasion or just for your personality. On the right, is the silver charm friendship 11426, a completely silver piece that symbolises friendship. For me, this bead would symbolise something uniquely special to me, as with friendship comes warmth, love, happiness & support. It would certainly be a charm to remind me of this & lift my spirits if I needed them lifting!

Muramo glass beadThis classic murano glass charm “seabead stripe” 61499, is another example of a unique Trollbead. Set in murano glass, I adore the mixed colours of blue, turquoise and green. To me, it reminds me of my favourite holiday destination close to the sea, as the rich colours remind
trollbead pinkme of the tranquil & calming sea. Again, this bead shows another example of how memories can be relieved from these beautiful jewellery pieces.

The second murano glass charm is of a completely contrasting colour. This murana glass charm pink 61355 is a rich, block colour of purply pink; that is both pretty and very summery.

Wish you a pleasant scroll through the pretty Trollbead products!


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