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Amber has always been the gemstone that has astonished me. Known as fossilised tree resin, this stone has aged extraordinarily over billions of years, producing a whole variety of colours & types of amber we can see today. How nature can form such a beautiful stone is beyond me.

Baltic Amber, dated from 44 million years ago (just a little bit ancient), is the most known kind of amber. What I have always loved about it is the abundance of colours you can find. One piece could be a rich, dark cognac colour- a colour I often believe to be a little mysterious & give off a vintage appearance- whilst another piece may be milky white- a colour similar to that of ivory, giving off light, honey tones. Already, nature has produced two contrasting pieces of the same gemstone. IMG_2498

The piece on the right, one of the shops amber rings in 925 sterling silver, certainly shows the rich beauty of amber’s warm & honey tones.

Another beautiful aspect to amber is how such an antique piece can fit so well to modern day designs and settings. Take the amber pendants in 9ct gold; the richness of the gold complements perfectly the amber, highlighting its honey tones. To contrast, amber rings in 925 sterling silver, brings a whole new dimension to the amber piece; the antique amber stone is juxtaposed by the modern, clean cut setting of silver, making contemporary pieces from 2016 out of 44 million years old antique amber. Amber’s ability to suit & blend with its many settings make it a extremely unique stone.


The richness of the amber stone is shown so beautiful here on actress, Gennifer Goodwin. Just by the rich tones of cognac & fiery orange from her amber necklace, the actress’Amber jewlelery look is both radiant and vibrant. Such a bold & gorgeous piece; definitely something I would say was eye-catching!amber neckalce

The shop also sells such outstanding amber necklaces. On the right is a piece taken from the amber necklaces section. A bold piece that certainly shows the rich variety of colours that amber has; I always believe that you need one statement piece such as this one.





Have a look out on the website for further gorgeous pieces.



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